David Pawson Teaching Trust, June 2020


Many are asking questions about the future of David’s ministry:

  • Who has been chosen to succeed him?
  • Will they uphold all the same truths and beliefs as were held by David?
  • Will his website eventually close?
  • Who is now running his website, and will they stay, now that David has gone?

During David’s lifetime he set up the David Pawson Teaching Trust, and chose a small number of people, whom he trusted, to oversee his ministry and ensure it survived beyond his life on this earth.


His wish was that this Trust would:

  • Protect his teaching library for future generations;
  • make his teachings available to as many as possible,
  • in their local language,
  • at the lowest possible cost, and free wherever feasible.

The website www.davidpawson.org was set up in 2011 with the aim of making all his audio and video available free to stream and download.

The Trust has worked with David over a long period of time, and progressively over recent years due to his failing health. David’s ministry transitioned from his speaking at individual events to becoming a global online ministry under the oversight of the Trust.

David became very frail, and because of ill health he was forced to withdraw from active ministry, being in need of full-time nursing care for more than the last twelve months of his life.

Under his direction, we put in place a worldwide team of translators to make his teachings available in local languages. Our translators share in common a respect for David and his teachings, together with a passion to assist the Trust to make his teaching available in their local languages.

In recent times, almost all of David’s video teachings were produced by the Trust and we facilitated the publication of more than 75 of his books, to enable his teachings to be read, listened to or watched, whichever medium is preferred. Only six books are published by other publishers.

We plan to continue to publish more of David’s teachings in written form – not only books but we are currently scanning many hundreds of his handwritten sermon notes from the 1950s, a period in his ministry before any of his teachings were recorded in audio, as well as (from his pre-audio period) his ‘envelope sermons’, written in his own handwriting.


Who will succeed David, and will they share the same beliefs that he held?

That question has been asked by many, often by those who wish that David would pass his mantle to them! The reality is that no one could succeed David. In his own words, the Lord prepared him for a ministry, and he faithfully served in it, proclaiming biblical truth, no matter how unpopular that would be. David’s ministry is unique and no one person would be able to fill his shoes.


So what will happen to his ministry now?

  • David is no longer with us, but his teachings survive him and his Trust will ensure that his ministry continues.
  • We are discovering more of David’s teachings which were not previously known to us.
  • We have recently been given some VHS cassettes which date back to 1982, and they represent some of the oldest video recordings that exist of David’s teaching.
  • We have also recently been given a significant number of old reel-to-reel audio tapes dating back to David’s days when he was at Gold Hill Baptist Church. In due course, once we have had time to digitise these recordings (which will involve acquiring a reel-to-reel tape recorder that will play at 1 7/8 ips), these recordings will be uploaded to David’s website and streamed online.

This all takes time, so please be patient!

If you have any recordings, tapes, audio cassettes, video which are not listed on his website we would love to hear from you.

In 2013 we launched David’s YouTube channel to make his teachings discoverable to a new group of people who had never heard of him and were unlikely to discover his personal website. This could not have been achieved without the support of donations from those who also share David’s vision to make his teachings available to others.

David would never allow us to ask for financial support but it would be appropriate to say that we are so grateful to those who support us financially through their donations, without which much of this would not be possible.


There are some practical things you can do to assist us:

  • Please cover us in prayer. We live in unprecedented times when it is becoming more and more difficult to speak out the truth where that is not the popular, accepted position.
  • David is no longer with us, he did not appoint a successor to speak for him at events, but we are all disciples, so go forth and proclaim the Good News. Make David’s teachings your ministry. Become a ‘voice’ and stop being an ‘echo’. Share your story, what you have learned and, more than anything, go and encourage others to read the Bible for themselves. It does not matter what David believed, but what does matter is that we encourage others to read the Bible, that they may learn the truth that will set them free.

We are very grateful to our small team who, with the Lord’s help, have achieved an amazing amount so far. We all remain committed to growing this ministry and protecting David’s legacy for the generations to come … his ministry will continue




Anchor Recordings Ltd

Anchor Recordings Ltd, is an independent organisation was set up some 60 years in 1960, to record and distribute the teachings of Christian Leaders. Anchor still supports the ministries of many Christian Speakers.

Anchor produced many of David’s early videos including Unlocking the Bible, Men 4 God, Jesus Letter to his seven Churches, which was recorded on location in Turkey and Israel.

Anchor has played an important strategic role in growing Davids Ministry globally. When David left Milmead he asked Anchor to take on responsibility for his vast tape ministry. Whilst sales of cassette tapes has all but discontinued, Anchor’s relationship with David has continued to evolve and now manages David’s website, his YouTube and social media platforms eg FB/Twitter as well as David’s online shop davidpawson.com. Anchor publishes all but 6 of David’s 81 book titles

In 2013 to protect the future of David’s teaching ministry, Anchor came under the control of the David Pawson Teaching Trust, which allows DPTT to focus on translation work.